July Finds & Favourites

Hey again!

In the month of July, I’ve enjoyed and found a hearty amount of things from articles to videos. So I thought, why not (try) start a monthly round-up of things I found and enjoyed throughout the month.. on here.

And so I did.

This is the first installment of said series. I hope you find something you like too. (or recommend me what you found this month maybe)


God Only Knows -Reneé Dominique (cover)

A beautiful song originally by the Beach Boys, covered so magically with the alluring voice of Reneé Dominique.

Waterloo Sunset -the Kinks

A song the moment I heard, I wished I had found earlier but, at the same time felt like it wasn’t my first time experiencing it.

Space Song -Beach House

An atmospheric song that made me feel everything, whilst like suspended in nothing at all.

Who Dat Boy -Tyler the Creator

A song a friend showed me; I was instantly gripped by the music and visuals.


A different, more mature perspective to our preconceived ideas of who are the “right” people for us: On Finding the “Right” Person,   (worth checking out whole website!)

An article that reminds you: Your Entertainment Choices Are Not Your Identity. 

A Scientific American article I rediscovered. It gives an unorthodox, objective view of an established, usually subjective idea.. with just the simple phrase of: Why Life Does Not Really Exist.



Optimistic Nihilism, video by Kurzgesagt

Beautifully animated and narrated, they go through the common dreadful feelings we feel upon facing the harsh realities of life. But then offer their personal, uplifting take on things.

Satoshi Kun- Editing Space and Time, video by Every Frame a Painting

A video by one of my favourite channels, analysing and discussing the unique way Satoshi Kun edits and cuts each frame in his movies.

1. About the Weather, video by Tom Rosenthal 

A down to earth vlog filmed by a father giving short, but warm glimpses into his life and family. (he writes the loveliest songs too)

Thanks for reading!

Jennif. Ley


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