Hello! an intro

Hey there! Glad you stumbled upon my little blog.

It’s just starting out and I don’t know exactly what I’ll be putting up here yet but, I just felt that I needed an alternative platform to Instagram.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Instagram and, I wonder if you too sometimes ask yourself “Why am I posting this?” or wonder why others post the things they do. They can feel a little in your face sometimes. Instagram has grown. There are all kinds of people on it, posting a wide range of things, and for all sorts of reasons. I could make a list of it all and it would probably be 50 metres long. (I have tiny handwriting)

And though I feel Instagram acts as a great platform to discover pretty pictures and reach a big audience, in terms of sharing things other than front page magazine portraits and carefully crafted shots of your breakfast, Instagram isn’t the place. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those photos, if anything, I just love taking photos! However, I also love writing, be it stories, reviews, analyses, or just opinions and ideas on topics from movies to philosophy.

And I’d love to not only translate all these ideas and thoughts into words, pictures, and quite likely, videos too, but to also share them. With people. Who have similar or different ideas and thoughts. Ideally, to stir up discussion, awareness, and even feeling.

Hence, the jelleyfur blog. On here, I will be free to share a hearty amount of both pictures and words! What joy.

My interests and ideas are ever growing and changing, so I would imagine that over time, this blog would evolve into more than what I mentioned above or simply morph into something completely different.

As of now, I’d be glad if you check out my posts on here and even my other social medias (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)

If what I’ve said here and in other posts happen to interest you somehow, I hope you’ll follow me along (and me with you) on this shared journey we have of this little blue dot we’re on, and of ourselves!


Thanks for reading.


Jennifer Ley

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