Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey

Here are pictures from my recent Bronze Duke of Edinburgh assessed adventurous journey, complete with heavy rucksacks, sweaty longing faces, mosquito repellent, lots of cow shit, and no showers.

So this is a rough outline of what I remember of our route on day 1! We started on the 30th of June at around 9.10ish a.m.

it was very hot if you can’t tell. but also very pretty.

We also saw lots of cows. (below) Hence, lots of cow shit on the road of which pictures cannot even show.

And so we walked.

and walked.

we walked a. lot. Under a really hot blue sky by a really hot road.

And oh how our backs hurt. Our awe for the scenario was very quickly replaced with just pure tiredness. So, we soaked up every second of rest during breaks, momentarily easing our aching feet and necks before swiftly marching on under the hot sun again. Not much pictures were taken then until we finally neared our campsite.

The scenario was really quite captivating.. but more so in pictures than in real life when your experience is apart from the blazing heat and humid air we experienced in the moment!

When we finally arrived at 1.35pm, we set up our tents in a field by an old small resort. We had access to their toilets set all the way at the other end of the field. Inconvenient, but comforting.

I remember just dropping my bags by the shack and collapsing on the bench. I was sweaty and sticky and smelly. A shower was not coming to my aid. Might as well just sleep I thought. And so I did.

Waking up, I remember just settling down, chatting, and just letting my muscles loose after the 10km of backpacking.

We started cooking dinner at around 6 but only got to eat at around 7. You see, the field was by a beach and at 6, even separated by a stretch of sand, the wind was blowing strong. The gas kept blowing out halfway when cooking and it became a tedious repetition of stirring the food for a moment and then failed attempts to light the gas and then cheering at the whir of the gas.

Dinner was good. It was by the sunset.

the view was ethereal.

Shortly after dinner, the whole field was plunged into a blanket of darkness. And let’s just say.. It is not a fun kind of thrill to run across a pitch black field barefoot and have someone scream “cockroach!”

After a desperate wash of the body with the toilet spray, we cooped ourselves in the tent. The evening wind had gone and it was stuffy and dark in the tent.

That said, we all fell asleep pretty quick. Though I woke up multiple times through out the night due to the heat and some sudden sharp insect bites.

The next morning came quick and it was just packing up and breakfast. No time to take in the sunrise. We were up and on our feet ready to start the second half of the journey by 8.15ish a.m.

We had to make our way around a large mangrove and we passed through lots of small roads by marshes and rivers. The terrain was quite boggy.

But soon enough, we neared the town, and after a brief lunchbreak by a bay, we reached our final destination.

The second day was around a 7-8km walk and it was much easier than the first simply because there were more trees for shade. And maybe because our bags were lighter after the dinner.

We got lots of weird stares from locals in cars too. Also lots of goats.

Arriving in the village at 1.30pm, we had a final rest and soon enough, the trip was over! We were back in cars, with a.c., on our way back to town. I think all of us slept.

We were left with lots of pictures of the “purposework” we had to do (sculptures), and lots of bites and rashes.

But we’ve finally got it done and over with!

What a trek.

Thanks for reading!


Jennif. Ley


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